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Here you will learn in 5 easy steps, how to add your chars, stages and addons in our Database. Read carefully, it is very easy:

Step 1: To add your mugen files in DB, and his name appears on the authorship of the addition, you must be registered on the site. To register, click on "Registration", and make your registration. It's quick and easy.

Step 2: Once you register, login to site, and click on "Add chars or stages" above chars already added in the DB.

Step 3: In the Add Files window, select the category of the origin of your char, stage or addon, and if there is already listed in, choose a category "not classified" on the category you chose. Put the name of Char with the true Author of it, and paste the link below for direct download mugen char.

Step 4: In the formatting, select the "BB codes Panel" and then add a video to the following code listed in the picture, or if it is not possible to add a video, put a description of the file or a picture of it.

Step 5: If desired, add keywords to your char, stage or addon is found more easily in the DB. Place just below his name registered on the site if not added, and click the "ADD". And is ready! You just add your first Char, Stage Addon or on our website. Enjoy!"

Note: links are not allowed not related to mugen or that lead to pornographic sites. The user to do this, the register will automatically be deleted from site without prior notice.

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