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God Silver

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God Silver
[ · DOWNLOAD God Silver () ] 2009-11-28, 9:09 AM

This guy is fucking amazing...........

He's originally from KoF XI

But this version gives him the powers of Mukai......

Mukai is a terrible character but his stone powers are Uber bad ass on God Silver

He reminds me of Gaara from Naruto in a way

Holding down start when selecting him activates his Boss Mode where a Ghostly Gorilla made of white energy amplifies his powers and assists him battle....

I did a demo fight and watched God Silver Boss Mode defeat True Evil Nega Joe AND God Akuma EASILY in a 1 on 2 simul match.....

He's not a cheating type Character either...he's just that good.


Category: King of Fighters | Added by: NinjaKingRevival
Views: 3824 | Downloads: 912 | Rating: 2.0/1 |
Total comments: 0
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