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You know whats inter

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You know whats inter
[ · DOWNLOAD You know whats inter () ] 2015-12-01, 10:55 AM
You know whats interesting. A year ago peploe went bat-shit crazy for this game. Now? Now they mock it as an example of bad buisness practice. Are we all really that bad at math? Here is the deal. Capcom was selling these character at $5.00 per character. so with 12 new characters thats what $60 alright so theres the characters but they also added 8 new stages.Now I dont know about you but now company sells ANYTHING for free, shit COD maps will run you $5 a piece, but this is just background stuff, but Capcom also sells battles against the AI for a buck (which is the real bullshit culprit here) so im guessing $1.00 per stage. $68 is our current total, oh and spectator mode along with other wanted online features. As if they were listenting to their community or something. Do you expect the artists/designers/programmers to work for free on this stuff and patch it for you?Any other company would gouge the SHIT out of this way worse then Capcom. I dont think they should have released this stuff till they had it all ready, but hey, you guys were foaming at the mouth for the return of MvC3. It should be $25 for woners of MvC3 and $40/60 for all others
Category: Arcana Heart
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