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Snake by SeanAltly

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Snake by SeanAltly
[ · DOWNLOAD Snake by SeanAltly () ] 2010-04-11, 3:23 AM
Special Moves:

*Socom Pistol (Charge B,F,P)- Three varieties, depending on strength of button pressed.
-Silenced (LP) - The weakest due to the suppressor, but also has the least start-up.
-Unsuppressed Shot (MP) - In the middle for start-up and damage.
-Two Unsuppressed Shots (HP) - Self explanatory.

*Low Socom Pistol (Charge B,F,K)- Three varieties, depending on strength of button pressed.
-Silenced (LK) - The weakest due to the suppressor, but also has the least start-up.
-Unsuppressed Shot (MK) - In the middle for start-up and damage.
-Two Unsuppressed Shots (HK) - Self explanatory.

*Claymore Mine (D,DB,B,P) - Snake sets a claymore mine down. He can be damaged by it as well, so don't forget that you set it down! Disappears after roughly 10-12 seconds for balance, however, you can set up to 3 at a time.

*Stealth Camouflage (D,DB,B,K) - Snake activated his stealth camo. Lasts around 6-7 seconds. Useless against CPU opponents, but fun against Human opponents.

*Evasive Roll (F+LP+LK) or (B+LP+LK) - Snake rolls, passing through opponents, attacks, and projectiles, but not Super Combos. The command used causes Snake to roll forward or away, respectively. Also, Snake can perform some of his basic moves right out of the last few frames of animation (when he's standing up from the roll).

*Hand Grenade (D,DF,F,P) - Three variations. All grenades can hit downed enemies.
-High-Arch (HP) - A high-arching, long distance throw, with lengthy hang time. Must be blocked high.
-Forward Pitch (MP) - Snake throws the grenade more or less straight towards the enemy.
-Roll (LP) - Snake rolls the grenade along the ground. Must be blocked low.

*Stun Grenade (D,DF,F,K) - Snake rolls a stun grenade across the ground. The stun will only connect with opponents who are on the ground and it can be blocked. If it connects however, the opponent will be stunned and completely vulnerable for 2-3 seconds.



*Overhead Toss (HP+HK) - Snake's standard throw.

*Choke Hold - (B+HP) - Snake applies a choke hold before kicking his opponent away. Works almost exactly like Alex's headbutt/sleeper hold, meaning while it is a throw, it can be blocked, however, it can also be chained like a normal HP.


Super Moves:

Level 1

*FAMAS (D,DF,F,D,DF,F,P) - Snake fires his FAMAS. Using a the HP or MP buttons causes Snake to fire while standing, and using the LP button makes Snake crouch before firing.

*Solid Barrage (D,DF,F,D,DF,F,K) - A string of punches and kicks punctuated by an overhead toss.

Level 2

*C-4 (B,F,DF,D,DB,B,P) - Snake slams his opponent on the ground, plants some C-4 on their body, then distances himself before detonating it, sending his opponent high into the air.

Level 3

*Stinger Missile (D,DB,B,D,DB,B,P) - Snake fires a Stinger Missile at his opponent. As mentioned before, it has no homing capabilities. Sorry guys. I did make the explosion bigger though!

*Genome Army (D,DB,B,D,DB,B,K) - Snake hides in a cardboard box while a confused group of genome soldiers fire a cannonade of FAMAS rounds at the opponent. I'm very proud of this one.



-Snake has three different randomly-occurring intros
-Stealth Camo: "Kept you waiting, huh?"
-Cardboard Box: "It's showtime!"
-Raiden-Bashing-Fan-Service Intro: "Okay, let's go!"
-He also has NINE different randomly-occurring win poses.
-"Infinite Ammo!"
-"Great Job!"
-Silent-Windy-Bandanna Pose
-Colonel Codec Convo 1: "Excellent Snake..."
-Colonel COdec Convo 2: "Colonel, can you hear me?"
-Colonel Codec Convo 3: "Snake, are you okay?"
-Colonel Codec Convo 4: "Your Job is to Infiltrate, not to fight!"
-Otacon Codec Convo: "I've been better!"
-Naomi Codec COnvo: "Make it back in one piece..."
-He has a damage dampener for his combos.

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