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Sasori by Demon (Twins Cool)

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Sasori by Demon (Twins Cool)
[ · DOWNLOAD Sasori by Demon (Twins Cool) () ] 2010-07-23, 10:03 PM
a- chakra charge
b- teleport
c- smoke bomb
x- attack
y- gauntlet blast
z- flamethrower (hold)
when health is at 80% he turns into sasori w/ kazekage

c- smoke bomb
z- little sand drop
a+down- giant iron sand drop
b+down- iron sand impale
c+down- transform into true form sasori
y+down- multiple arm smash
enter- sand sheild (hold)

c- water gun
z- flamethrower (hold)
a+down- summon claw puppet (z to cancel)
y+down- summon scythe puppet (z to cancel)

Category: Naruto
Views: 3076 | Downloads: 1110 | Rating: 3.0/2 |
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