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Ray the Flying Squirrel and CrowSar

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Ray the Flying Squirrel and CrowSar
[ · DOWNLOAD Ray the Flying Squirrel and CrowSar () ] 2014-12-28, 2:12 PM

10 Days for Making Ray the Flying Squirrel i probably need him to join in Mugen
with his Friends Mighty.

Ray the Flying Squirrel Moveset:

1.Stand Light Punch 1-5 Combo (A Stand) Next A,A,A,A,A
2.Spin Dash (A Crouch Holddown/Air Holddown)
3.Jump Light Punch 1-5 Combo (A Air) Next A,A,A,A,A
4.Spin Hyper (D,B, A Stand/Air Cost -1000)
5.Super Combo (D,F, A Stand Cost -1000)
6.Spin Attack (B Stand/Air)
7.Crouch Spin Attack (B Crouch)
8.Spin Basic Attack (D,F, B Stand/Air Cost -20)
9,Super Spin (D,B, B Stand/Air Cost -1000)
10,Throw Dart (C Stand/Ground/Air)
11,Throw Dart Target Lock (D,F,c Stand/Air)
12,Throw Dart Spam (D,B,c Stand/Air Cost -1000)
13,Dodge (X Stand/Air)
14,Forward Dodge (Fwd_X Stand)
15,Backward Dodge (Back_X Stand)
16,Charge up (Z Stand)
Category: Sonic
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