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Or, how's about I do

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Or, how's about I do
[ · DOWNLOAD Or, how's about I do () ] 2015-12-01, 11:17 AM
Or, how's about I don't like any of the characters, so I only wetnad Spectator and the patching. You're valuing those 2 things for me at 25 dollars each. Do you NOT see how bullshit that is?I absolutely agree with Joe in this review. Sometimes I'm a little iffy here and there like Oh c'mon Joe, I liked Fable 3 or Man Joe, you're funny but it is just a movie game, there's worse games that are on their own y'know? But not this time, there's no rationalizing going on, this is just bullshit. This game should not exist as is.I'll take your point, mother nature fucked them up. BIG FUCKING DEAL. Bethesda takes 5 years to release a game because they want it perfect and worth every cent, Capcon can't say Sorry guys but some shit went down, we'll be a couple weeks behind and we'd perfectly understand. No, they didn't do that, they just made a new game. AND HEY IF THEY COULD MAKE A NEW GAME, WHY DIDN'T THEY JUST PATCH THE OLD GAME? Oh because they're greedy.I'm sorry my friend, but you're absolutely wrong.
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