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Okay, I cannot stay

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Okay, I cannot stay
[ · DOWNLOAD Okay, I cannot stay () ] 2015-12-01, 10:32 AM
Okay, I cannot stay silnet any longer, so where do I start?well first off, I'm prolly gonna buy this game. Now that you've probably already lynched this comment, let me explain.while I'm not surprised that this occurred, I am a little excited. 10 out of the twelve characters are either people I wanted to see included (Firebrand, Strider, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Vergil, Phoenix Wright), or characters that I know, and wouldn't mind playing as (Iron fist, Hawkeye, Nemesis). I also severely doubt that if we boycott this game, that Capcom will beg us to buy their shit. they've already proven that they're willing to tank well beloved series (Megaman Legends 3 {AKA my only reason for wanting the 3DS} or even MVC2 at the time) if the money isn't there. I'm not standing on rooftops and shouting to the heavens to buy this game, I'm just saying that Joe isn't always 100% right.(me and my friends had a BLAST with MVC3)I respect Joe's opinions though, don't get me wrong.Just use your own heads.That's not to say that I'm 100% pleased with this UMVC3. joe was spot on with his gripes. however, even though the Blue-Bomber has graced every MVC game untill this point, there is ONE character, that I wanted above ALL others, that I'm not getting anytime soon.PROTOMAN!!!!!!!!!He's been virtually IGNORED by capcom, and has never debuted in ANY capcom fighting games outside of MM:the power fighters 1&2!! ROLL (a NON-COMBAT ROBOT A MOTHER FUCKING MAID!!!!!!) has been in most EVERY Capcom Versus game!!!!! they chose a MAID(who NEVER fought in the original megaman games) over one of the most BAD-ASS (and powerful) Megaman characters?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!those are my thoughts, take it or leave it.Rota
Category: Galaxy Fight
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