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MVC2_Thanos(EO done by me Itachi13) original creator: Thanos

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MVC2_Thanos(EO done by me Itachi13) original creator: Thanos
[ · DOWNLOAD MVC2_Thanos(EO done by me Itachi13) original creator: Thanos () ] 2010-08-12, 10:35 PM
a= bubble catcher
b= thanos dash
c= eruption crusher
x= stone hedger
y= stone raiser
z= death ray catch

other super combos
D, D, a= gravity stone raiser
D, D, x= wall slammer
guard push= b+y

glitches or errors: None it's a good character and I have noticed no one has posted Thanos enjoy guys his AI is set hi like Storm and omega red which I uploaded earlier. My next releases will be cyber-akuma, and evil ken. Hang in there guys and enjoy my EO characters!

Category: Marvel vs. Capcom Series
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