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[ · DOWNLOAD Jenui () ] 2012-12-10, 7:54 AM
Tian DaiqiangRoach the next catch ,make policy, pay attention to line implement ,innovation ,formation of Department of propaganda in the form of resultant force ... ... Since the 2009 opening of endowment insurance of society of urban and rural residents since pilot job ,the regional government in the unified deploy falls ,my district each district based on the actual, elaborate organization ,begin very fruitful work .
Current, my area 109 counties ( city ,area) all the new urban and rural residents social endowment insurance ,than the national request early first half of the implementation of new rural and urban social endowment insurance system covering all the two ,which was achieved by raise children to provide against old age to social ,for my area people music [url=]Louboutin men Ukurl] enjoy the sweet life ,spend the happy old age to provide a strong guarantee .
On the implementation of catch a farmer old also can receive &lsquo ,this is &rsquo ;salary ;grandparents never would have dreamed of . County South Town Village, yellow house village 76 years old Huang Yingquan and Huang Yingyi old person of 74 years old to bring the new agriculture ,be grateful .
This makes rural people very much read good policy began in 2009 .According to the unified deploy of the State Council ,my area new rural social pension insurance pilot the first batch of 14 pilot counties ( city ,area) was officially launched in September 1, 2009 .
This is a practical work for private engineering projects ,as well as a promoting scientific development ,urban and rural development ,implementation enrichs the people strong in &lsquo ;&rsquo ;the important content of the new span .
Autonomous Region main leader at the grassroots level inspects survey work, many times for urban and rural residents social endowment insurance job to make important position .For the benefit of Huimin do fine, do ,do ,throughout the region to suit one ,established the main leader to be caught personally ,leader of be put in charge of specific catch ,departments cooperate to catch the leadership and working mechanism ,bring into this job the local for the tangible things for the project and the annual performance appraisal management system .
According to the progress of the work of Baise County ,has held ,will promote the work of field demonstration , assault mobilization ,deployment ,urge ,city ,county ,villages and towns signed three responsibility shape ,and take the lead pack County camp ,slow the progression of the county by government leaders to Baise municipal Party Committee ,city hall to explain the situation to protect the job to advance ;Nanning city executed leaders hanging point ,bag piece responsible system ,requirements of the governed by the county ( District) work a grasp in the end ,the responsibility to the people ;in Guigang City qintang District ,related to task decomposition to the village, the town Hung village cadre and village cadres implemented bundled performance appraisal .
.. ... It is because of the upper and lower catch mechanism to work ,and effectively promoted the region social endowment insurance work balance development ,to ensure that the work is solid and orderly advance steadily .
Command coordination in line ,to solve the problems in the first-line ,operational guidance in the first ,strengthening management in the first ,supervision and evaluation in the first . For truly put the project of common feelings of people do ,do solid ,my area innovation to carry out law of job of a gleam of .
Through the leadership of sinking, the focus of the work down ,put working emphasis in line ,to solve the problem on the line ,the management and supervision of on line ,make each job falls to real point ,in order to promote urban and rural residents social endowment insurance job to escort the emperor convoy .
In addition ,my district each district also through the introduction of target Daobi mechanism ,weekly work report system ,leading the pack point system ,evaluation system of accountability ,made clear time ,task ,the responsible party and other details ,as pilot job is begun smoothly provided strong policy support .
Up and down to catch fulfil ,line .In a short period of two and a half years ,my area endowment insurance of urban citizens from scratch ,the coverage from narrow to wide ,the new type of rural and urban residents in social pension system has been half a year earlier than the national requirements to achieve full coverage .
Innovation in propaganda form resultant force everywhere nowadays do agriculture ,benefit and the country ... ... , this is Rongshui Miao Autonomous County Rural powder ,Xiao Wenshan ,Yu Ruolin ,Zhou Xiu-hua ,Jia Cuixian 4 king propaganda new agriculture policy song .
This kind of folk song or the opera singing [url=]<strong>christian louboutin UK mens</strong>[/url] ,from North Xingan County moved to to laurel in Western Guangxi Luzhai ,from Tiandong drifted to the frontline Guigang gangnan .Self development of urban and rural residents social endowment insurance propaganda work since, each district makes full use of television ,radio ,newspapers ,mobile phone short message ,network ,combined with local characteristics ,through a variety of the masses love to see and hear of the propaganda and mobilization ,to let the people understand ,look bright ,think clearly ,have a clear account of .
Urban and rural residents social endowment insurance is a brand-new job ,involve wide ,workload big ,so in advance the work, intersectoral act with united strength scenes often appear :human agency departments responsible for comprehensive management ,promoting the coordination of work ;financial department to arrange and timely appropriate government subsidies ;civil ,family planning departments to actively develop village cadre ,rural family planning insurance policies .
.. ... All departments perform their respective duties on the basis of mutual support ,mutual cooperation ,to promote the work ,for the rapid development of .In order to let the masses know policy ,insurance [url=]<strong>Louboutin Uk</strong>[/url] mode of knowledge ,I also timely publication of urban and rural residents social endowment insurance quiz , Insurance Manual , propaganda and promotional materials of more than 10 million copies, free to all over the region ,the maximum to promote urban and rural residents pension insurance policy ,make known to every family win support among the people .
Solid and effective work ,has the rich fruit .According to statistics ,as of the end of year 8 ,the region have a total of 14478000 people participating ,of which 14221000 were rural residents ,urban residents of 257000 people .
In addition ,a total of 4537700 more than 60 years of age and older people receive a monthly pension .Current, my area accumulative total charge of urban and rural residents social endowment insurance fee 1749000000 yuan ,4254000000 yuan of pension fund balance of $2947000000 .
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