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Jayden by supersonicxshadow (revamped by djcools88)

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Jayden by supersonicxshadow (revamped by djcools88)
[ · DOWNLOAD Jayden by supersonicxshadow (revamped by djcools88) () ] 2012-06-09, 8:47 PM
7 key layout (taunt charges instead)

standing, crouching, and arial normals

for specials Down Back and one of the six buttons + Down Fowards and one of the six buttons

each palette has their own unique C specials and a+b special

Palette Datails:
-Pal 1 = normal
-Pal 2 = mechanic
-Pal 3 = fire
-Pal 4 = dark
-Pal 5 = ice
-Pal 6 = light
(you'll notice that for two, its not just a color change)

arial s also activates a special

(note that this character was edited as an awesome co-op character and may be a little overpowered but i'll fix that later)

the pictures are on my ucoz website: http://djcools88mugen.ucoz.com/
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