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James Lee by V-Nix

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James Lee by V-Nix
[ · DOWNLOAD James Lee by V-Nix () ] 2010-05-08, 2:01 PM
James Lee
by V-Nix

Hey y'all, V here, well I made a few chibi's in the past & some char
edits (usually normal sized chars), so I decided to start on a normal
sized character from scratch. (coding wise)

We all know that Jimmy Lee comes from ROTD, but, since I'll be making him
using my fighting system, I changed his name to James (pretty lame but meh..)

For James, I put up these systems (almost all my chars have some fighting
systems (like Sabutai's Legaia system or WarGreymon's NUN System):

- C-Ender : after a number of hits in one combo, James can perform a move
which blows the opponent away & stops the combo. This won't
cost any power, it will add power instead and possibilities to
follow it with a Special or Super move.

- Variation Chain: Imagine Zell's (from FF VIII) Duel Limit
- Combo Craze: Like all my chars, they are combo friendly (normal attacks
primarily, specials and supers have few possibilities.
- Link : Possibility to perform another special move after another.



- Chop : F + x
- Knee Attack : F + a


- Cross Uppercut : z (after a 3 or more hit combo)
- Roundhouse : c (after a 4 or more hit combo)


- Gun Blaze : D,DF,F + x or y (if opponent is in short-mid range, Link to
Blast Wave)
- Blast Wave : D,DB,B + x or y
- Cannon Kick : D,DB,B + a or b (if attack connects, as soon as you land
| Link to **)
**|----- Cannon Kick Smash : D,DB,B + a or b
- Rising Dragon : F,D,DF + x or y (*** = Attack Connects)
***|----- Red Smash : a or b
- Sonic Strike : D,DF,F + a or b

Supers (Lv1):

- Delta Magnum : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + x or y
|----- Delta Magnum Kai : a,a,x,x,y (after the initial punch when the opponent
is dizzy, and before James does the first delta
kick, input the command to unleash a more damaging
version of the move.)
- Heat Hurricane : D,DB,B,D,DB,B + x or y (Hint: Wall bouncing is amazing)
- Solar Cannon : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + a or b

Ultima Limit (Lv3):

Duel : D,DF,F,D,DF,F + z

Special Thanks

- Ryon: For his Smexy effects, & for Beta Testing
- Silenthill / Phantom Blood: Beta Testing
- Mr.Steve: Beta Testing
- SEGA: For making the Orchestral version BGM of the Final Battle of Sonic Unleashed
- GodPharaoh: For some custom states help
- VIP: Some effects
- All MFFA members: Best forum ever XD

Category: Rage of the Dragons | Added by: asrwgm
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