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How to make marvel vs. capcom/sf3 chars by mugen hero

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How to make marvel vs. capcom/sf3 chars by mugen hero
[ ] 2011-07-26, 8:19 PM
if you guys are familiar with DG's sf3/mvc ryu then this will help if you know how to make characters or know how to replace sprites and sounds.

what i edit with my RyuDG is the sound but i a i progress with replacing ryu_cfas sprites with sf3 ryu so it can be tatsunoko vs. capcom ryu.

heres how to do this.

1. you have to download any sf3 chars.

2. then get any mvc char.

3. put them if fighter factory's chars.

4. then open up fighter factory.

5. go to file, open char.

6. make sure you open up a sf3 char.

7. make a new folder.

8. save the sprites where it says PCX into your new folder....note: make sure that you name the sprites that you saved so you won't get mixed up or confused with wich one they are.

9. now when you saved all the chars sprites....go and open a mvc char.

10. then go to pcx but on the left side there is a folder that says pcx then open the sf3 chars sprites then replace them.

PS: ryuDG is really mvc1 ryu but sprites replaced with sf3 ryu's sprites.
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