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Guilty Gear vs. Street Fighter(EO done by me Itachi13)

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Guilty Gear vs. Street Fighter(EO done by me Itachi13)
[ · DOWNLOAD Guilty Gear vs. Street Fighter(EO done by me Itachi13) () ] 2010-11-05, 0:39 AM
All copyrights from characters created by fighter factory, games copyrights, music copyrights and the person of which I used was the screenpack by pyscoripper. Due to the time comsuming questions, I didn't have much luck changing the outlook for the screenpack so it made as Super Mario KO. But in the selection mode it says GG vs. SF. I have added the music and stages though that was all me, plus edit the characters with an easy moveset. D, D, and a button. Now to explain the difference between each universe: Street Fighter people have the CVS2 groove bars for an even advantedge from the GG characters. The GG characters, have bursts, roman cancels, and instant kills programed: minus dizzy. To get a character in an instant kill mode is Z in GG case then D, D, and any of the buttons: a,b,x,y. In SF case, specials are usually performed with C and Z sometimes D, D, and any of the 4 other buttons. Their AI's are set fairly high, good selection of characters, plus bonus characters in the folder you will have to experiment with the folders to find the one with the extras in there once you do delete the other folders. Hope you will enjoy this game also please read the: about future projects section in the folder. I will have a christmas present for everyone and will be releasing character packs soon. Hope you like the game enjoy.
Category: Screenpacks | Added by: Itachi13
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