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Evil Ryu stage 3(aka Demon Ryu) with EO by me. Orig. creators: Reu and Kingtigre

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Evil Ryu stage 3(aka Demon Ryu) with EO by me. Orig. creators: Reu and Kingtigre
[ · DOWNLOAD Evil Ryu stage 3(aka Demon Ryu) with EO by me. Orig. creators: Reu and Kingtigre () ] 2010-08-07, 8:33 PM
a=charged electric hadoken
a in air= double electric hadoken have to hold a release and press it twice.
b= electric tastumaki senpuyaku
c= shun goku satsu begining, to finish press a right about 2 seconds after the punch
x= shin electirc kick
x in air= shin kick downward(not the super combo)
y= electrified shoryuken
z= charged mestuhadoken hold z to charge it longer. If used in air, it becomes Tenma Gou Zankuu
F, F= Ashura senka forward
B, B= Ashura senka backward

super combos: Trans: D, D,= Down, Down, and a button. F, F= Forward, Forward. B, B= Back, Back.

D, D, a= Misogi
D, D, b= Tatsumaki senpukyaku(also in air)
D, D, c= Super shin kick(forward)
D, D, x= Electric earthquake
D, D, y= Shin Shoryuken(if used in air it becomes the downward shin kick)
D, D, z= Shinku hadoken(both ground and air.)

Errors or minor glitches: If the super combo tastumaki senpukyaku is used on the ground at level 3 ryu's sprite becomes giant for a little bit. This also happens when he performs the air shin kick. When charging for power his sprite looks normal like his stance it will still charge your special bar though don't worry, it's minor. Anyways I hope you like the character I didn't make the sprites but made him easier to use. Tell me what you think and I will be releasing Evil Ken soon :)

Category: Street Fighter
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