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[ · DOWNLOAD Ak-HawkSasuke () ] 2010-12-21, 9:54 PM

Basic Moves:

Combo 1= A+A+A
Combo 2= B+B+B
Teleport= Down X
Chakra Charge= Hold Start
Shurikens= Y
Dash in air= Y


Chidori= Hold X
Double Chidori= Hold X (this move make around 10 seconds)
Chidori Nagashi= Z
Chidori Senbon= Down C
Extended Chidori= Down Z (Hold Z to make chidori pikes)
Sky Beat = Z+Y
Summon Snake= Down A
Summon Tails Snake= Down B
Katon Housenka no Jutsu Air= X
Katon Housenka no Jutsu= DownBack A
Katon Gokakyu no Jutsu= DownForward A
Chidori Token= DownForward B
Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu= DownBack B
Three Dragon Guardians = B+Z
Summon Manda= DownForward C
Strong Slash= DownBack C
Style Shinobi Retsuden 2= DownForward Z
Call suigetsu= DownBack Z
Sharingan= Down Y
Kirin= DownForward Y
Hiden Slashing= DownBack Y
Electric Slashing= A+B
Raiton Aura= A+Y
Raiton Slash= B+Y
Hawk Summon (Air)= C
Hawk Idle (Only Hawk)= X
Amaterasu=BackForward A
Tsukuyomi=ForwardBack A
Summon Itachi= BackForward Z
Susanoo 1=ForwardBack C
Susanoo 1 Attack 1 (only susano 1 mode)= A
Susanoo 1 Attack 2 (only susano 1 mode)= B
Susanoo 1 Attack 3 (only susano 1 mode)= C
Disappear= Y
Full Susanoo= BackForward C
Full Susano Arrow Throw (only full susano mode)= A
Full Susano Arrow Throw (only full susano mode)= B
Full Susano Armored Attack (only full susano mode)= C
Disappear= Z
Cursed Seal 2= C

CS2 Basic Moves

Combo 1= A+A+A
Combo 2= B+B+B
Teleport= Down X
Large Snakes= Down Y
Chakra Charge= Hold S
Fly= C (Air)
Idle fly in air= X

CS2 Specials

Chidori= Down A (Hold A to charge)
Chidori Nagashi= Z
Air Chidori Nagashi= Z
Summon Snake= Down B
Katon Gokakyu no Jutsu= DownForward C
Katon Hosenka no Jutsu= DownBack C
Katon Hosenka no Jutsu Air= X
Chidori Token= Down C
Kirin= DownForward Y
Summon Hydra= DownBack Y
Katon Goryuka no Jutsu= DownForward X
Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu= DownBack X
Sharingan= Down Z
Summon Manda= X+Y
Summon Various Snakes= BackForward C
Sharingan Genjutsu= ForwardBack C
Dark Slash= BackForward X
Amaterasu Blast= ForwardBack X
Amaterasu=BackForward Y
Tsukuyomi=ForwardBack Y
Distransform= C

if anyone whants to you can update this character

Category: Naruto
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