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Human Smoke (From MK) By Binho

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Human Smoke (From MK) By Binho
[ · DOWNLOAD Human Smoke (From MK) By Binho () ] 2009-08-16, 7:20 AM
This is Binho's version of Human Smoke from Mortal Kombat...
I did NOT create this character...
I've only slightly edited the button config...
he also has a much deadlier Spear Special(same as Binho's Scorpion but way deadlier)

Again....I am NOT the creator of this character so don't say that I stole his still is his character and that I only edited the buttons for his character and increased the special attack power.....

I give all credit to Binho for his amazing chars and edits..I will take none of the credit for this...his ideas his work = his Character creation

If you want to edit him so his special is not so deadly go ahead I might have overdone it....

still he is a badass char so I say with pleasure.....ENJOY!!!

Category: Mortal Kombat | Added by: Ignis55
Views: 4871 | Downloads: 1554 | Rating: 4.6/5 |
Total comments: 0
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